Trauma Resolution (role-play exercises, one-on-one therapy, coping skills)

Unfortunately, there are millions of people who experience some sort of trauma. It might be a car accident, mugging, physical assault, sexual assault or any other type of trauma that you have experienced. No matter what the traumatic event may have been, you are not alone. It might feel like it right now, but there are people here at the Better Tomorrow treatment center that can help you to overcome the trauma you went through. Our trauma resolution therapy is one service we offer that can help you with this.


Addiction and Trauma

When someone experiences a trauma, it can negatively impact their life in many ways. For example, some people who go through a traumatic experience may have high levels of anxiety every day. To cope with that anxiety, they may use drugs or alcohol. After noticing how much these substances ease the emotional pain, they may start abusing drugs and/or alcohol which can, then, lead to an addiction.

Our trauma resolution therapy services can help to treat both the addiction and trauma. We will focus on what occurred, how you handled it up to this point and what can be done differently to work through the past. 

It isn’t easy to process trauma. However, that is why our team highly recommends getting professional treatment. Trying to overcome trauma on your own can be frightening and lonely. The good news is that we are here to help you.

Techniques Offered During Trauma Resolution Therapy

If you decide to attend our trauma resolution therapy, there are many techniques you can learn and use including:

  • Coping skills
  • Role-play exercises
  • Journaling
  • EMDR therapy
  • Bringing the event to the surface and exploring it
  • One-on-one discussions
  • Possible group discussions 
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment (if you have PTSD and an addiction)

As you can see, here at Better Tomorrow, we teach a range of techniques. We know that trauma doesn’t affect everyone the same way. The way you respond to a car accident, for instance, could be completely different than how someone else does. 

Processing Traumatic Events

If you have gone through a trauma, it is crucial that you process traumatic events. Some of the things you may need to do in order to process these events include:

  • Acting out the event in a safe, controlled setting
  • Journaling or writing about what happened 
  • Making a fake letter to the person who hurt you
  • Using art to express how you feel about the event

After our team helps to bring the event to the forefront, we can use a variety of therapies to help you overcome the grip it has on you. Throughout the sessions, you can also become stronger, less anxious and be able to handle triggers better, as well.


Don’t Let Trauma Control You – Get Into Trauma Resolution Therapy Today

You don’t have to keep letting the traumatic event control you. You are not alone in this. You can get help from professional therapists and other mental health professionals to overcome PTSD and other trauma-related issues. 
Contact us today to get into trauma resolution therapy, so you can get your life back.