Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) in West Palm Beach, Florida

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is helpful for those who struggle with handling difficult emotions and situations. They often have difficulty communicating well, committing to healthy lifestyle habits and may even seem distressed most of the time. In addition, DBT has been commonly used in addiction and mental health disorder treatments. If you or someone you know is struggling with any of these issues or another mental health issue, don’t be afraid to reach out for professional support. Our Better Tomorrow treatment team can help you to create the life you deserve and overcome the difficult aspects of life, no matter what those might be. Dialectical behavioral therapy is one treatment we offer that can help with these goals.

Key Areas Worked On in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Sessions

If you do attend a treatment program with DBT services, there will be some key areas that you will work on. Finding out more about these areas before diving into them can help people to be more successful in their treatment program. The key areas that you will focus on during these sessions are interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and mindfulness. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness

One area you will work on during the dialectical behavioral therapy sessions is interpersonal effectiveness. Some things you will learn about or how to do in this area include:

  • How to properly and effectively communicate your emotions and feelings
  • Learning to be assertive while still be respectful to yourself and others
  • Being able to gain proper skills to strengthen your relationships

If you feel you would benefit from learning these things, DBT could be just what you need. 

Mindfulness in DBT

Another key area of DBT is mindfulness. It is crucial that everyone who attends dialectical behavioral therapy learn mindfulness skills. The more of these you can learn and the better you get at them, the more benefits you can gain from the rest of your sessions. The primary reason for this is that when you are mindful, you can focus on the present, instead of being so distracted.

Emotion Regulation

You will also work on emotion regulation in DBT sessions. In this area, you will work on:

  • Learning to manage negative emotions
  • Changing negative emotions to positive ones
  • Learning not to take on other people’s feelings as your own
  • Identify your feelings and express them properly

Everyone needs to manage their emotions properly. With DBT and other treatment services, you can learn how to do this.

Distress Tolerance

Distress tolerance is helpful in the treatment process, as well. You learn to cope with and manage any feelings that are distressing you. Instead of hiding your emotions, you can also learn to address them properly.

Get Into a Treatment Program with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 

DBT is a type of therapy that helps people who struggle to admit to, handle or deal with tough emotions. If you struggle with managing difficult emotions, dialectical behavioral therapy can help you. 

Contact us today, here at Better Tomorrow, to get into a treatment program with dialectical behavioral therapy services.