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  • Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Rehab

    Summer is synonymous with relaxation and joy—lazy days by the pool, backyard BBQs, picnics in the park, and beach vacations. It’s a season where life slows down, daily routines become less demanding, and smiles come more easily. The ethos of summer is all about letting loose and enjoying the moment. However, for those struggling with…

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  • Sober Living in Summer: The perfect guide

    As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, the allure of summer can be hard to separate from the desire to have a drink in one’s hand. But for many individuals, choosing sobriety and sober living is a lifestyle decision that brings clarity, health, and true empowerment. Whether you’re newly sober or have…

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  • Wet Brain: The dangers of alcoholism

    Alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, wreaks havoc on both physical and mental health. While conditions like cirrhosis are widely recognized as severe consequences of long-term alcohol abuse, there are other detrimental effects that often go overlooked. One such consequence, informally referred to as “wet brain,” highlights the profound impact of alcohol on the brain. Formerly…

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  • Why we need Mental Health Awareness Month

    In a world bustling with activity and demands of daily life, the significance of mental health often takes a backseat. However, every May, we have an opportunity to acknowledge what is so often overlooked: Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Health Awareness Month highlights the grave importance of caring for our mental health. This annual observance…

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  • Understanding Fentanyl: The Deadly Opioid Crisis

    Human beings have always had an unhealthy relationship with addictive substances. But as a society, in the modern era, with the tools capacities available to us in the Information Age, we have always had an ongoing crisis when it comes to drug use and overdoses.  However, in recent years, fentanyl has emerged as a potent…

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  • Klonopin Addiction: Understanding, Awareness, and Recovery

    In the realm of mental health treatment, benzodiazepines like Klonopin (clonazepam) often emerge as both a lifeline and a labyrinth. Initially prescribed to alleviate anxiety, panic disorders, and certain seizure disorders, Klonopin can gradually weave its way into a complex web of dependence and addiction. While its therapeutic benefits are undeniable, the shadow side of…

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  • The Dangers of MDMA Use

    MDMA, commonly known as Ecstasy or Molly, is a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception. It’s often associated with feelings of euphoria, increased energy, and emotional openness. While some individuals may perceive taking a MDMA dose as a relatively harmless party habit, the reality is far more complex. Understanding the risks associated with MDMA…

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  • What Does Aftercare Mean In Addiction Treatment - bettertomorrowtc.com

    What Does Aftercare Mean In Addiction Treatment?

    Addiction treatment is a long and often arduous journey, but the end result can be life-changing.

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  • A woman welcoming the POV into the pool after an Addiction Treatment Program

    Five Reasons You Should Start Addiction Treatment Before the Summer

    Summer is quickly approaching which can carry a variety of emotions for people.  As the warmer months approach, many individuals look forward to enjoying outdoor activities, vacations, and time spent with loved ones and friends. However, if you’re struggling with addiction, the summer season can bring about feelings of anxiety, stress, and isolation. Starting addiction…

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  • Am I a Heroin Addict

    In the shadows of society’s consciousness lies a silent epidemic that ravages lives and communities with unyielding ferocity: heroin addiction. While the topic may evoke discomfort and stigma, shedding light on this issue is crucial for understanding its complexities and finding effective solutions. Being a heroin addict is not merely a personal struggle; it’s a…

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  • What is Cannabis induced psychosis?

    Over the last few years, marijuana has started as ubiquitous a presence as alcohol in modern society.  Slowly, it’s losing the stigma that it once carried as recently as the early aughts.  We’ve seen it glamorized in the media by rock stars and celebrities for years. But we now even see it being normalized amongst…

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  • Breaking the stigmas of Borderline Personality Disorder

    In today’s society, stigmas surrounding mental health disorders are being challenged as more and more people are becoming more open in terms of therapy and the use of medications. Social media is saturated with self-proclaimed mental health experts, most of whom have very little, if any education surrounding the issue.  Because of this, we are…

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  • Two medical professionals performing Dual Diagnosis treatment plans.

    The Power of a Dual Diagnosis therapist

    In the world of recovery, addiction is often a more nuanced topic than many give it credit for.  When someone is struggling with addiction, it is not uncommon for there to be an underlying mental health disorder that either leads to or feeds into the substance abuse.  This is called dual diagnosis, and treatment has…

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  • A pair of wine moms drinking champagne at a party

    How Big Alcohol made being a Wine Mom trendy

    Alcohol in the Ancient World Before the word wine mom was introduced into the English language, alcohol and women have been tied together. Alcohol has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.  It was a common Babylonian practice to offer beer and wine to their gods as acts of worship. Biblical texts often issue…

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  • A man kissing a trophy after finding the best drug rehab

    Two tips on how to find the Best Drug Rehab

    Everyone wants to change their life for the better. It’s the reason that the entire self-help genre exists. And why lives are changed every single day by everyday people. People making the simple, conscious decision to just make themselves a better life tomorrow out of the life they had today. When it comes to addiction,…

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  • A woman looking at the shore and ocean with a palm tree in the foreground. With rehab in West Palm Beach Florida, this can be your morning vista every day.

    Why choose Rehab in Florida? 

    Addiction comes from everywhere. It knows no borders, no zip code, no boundaries and no state lines. Addiction simply is. And it simply does what it does. You don’t get a choice about where substance use disorder starts. Addiction, to drugs, alcohol and everything in between find you in the night. Opportunity may knock only…

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  • Can Drug Addiction be Genetic?

    We often think of family heirlooms as old pictures of gone but not forgotten relatives. A watch passed down from father to son. A necklace handed along a long line of mothers and daughters. Or maybe it’s just a desire to succeed that’s passed across generations, with each one uplifting the next. But sometimes, it’s…

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  • Is Alcohol Rehab Effective?

    You’re ready to change your life. And we’re ready to help you do it! But no one wants to go through all of the work of getting sober without knowing if they’re going to get anything out of it. Alcohol rehab can be scary. And the prospect of getting clean can be even scarier. But…

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  • How long is Alcohol Rehab in Florida

    Florida rehab. People come from all across the country to come here to get better. And at Better Tomorrow in our Florida rehab center, we welcome anyone who’s trying to get better. But changing for the better isn’t a one day process. We wish it was, but it just isn’t that way. It takes you…

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  • A woman having her photograph taken by a man outside of outpatient drug rehab.

    West Palm Beach Outpatient Drug Rehab: The Better Tomorrow Advantage

    Sometimes, you just need to make a change. If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol addiction, you need to get help. The hardest part of recovery is accepting that you need help. Most people struggling with addiction spend months, years, and even decades in denial of the breadth and depth of their problem. But today,…

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