Oxycodone Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida

Oxycodone is a pharmaceutical opioid that is intended for medical pain relief. It produces euphoric effects by blocking pain signals and producing the brain chemical dopamine (pleasure). Oxycodone is useful and standard for treating pain resulting from surgery, broken bones, and at treating chronic and cancer-related pain. However, like many other pain-relieving prescription drugs, this drug can have addictive effects and is frequently abused by users. The U.S. Department of Justice reported that more than 13 million Americans abuse oxycodone, with the age of some abusers being as young as 12 years old. Oxycodone addiction is dangerous. The drug, which is classified as a semi-synthetic opioid, was a factor in more than 31,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2018.

Using this drug is only legal by way of a prescription, which is how many abusers start; a person who has been on an oxycodone prescription for a long time builds up a tolerance for and a dependance on the drug, so they need more of it to experience its effects and to function. When the prescription ends, they may go to a different doctor to try to obtain more, or turn to illegal means of procuring the drug. Brand names for drugs that include oxycodone include OxyContin, Vicodin, Percodan, and Percocet. Street names for oxycodone and its synthetic copycats include Oxy, OCs, Oxycet, Oxycontin, Hillbilly Heroin, Killers, Percs, Roxi Raspberries, and Berries.

An oxycodone addiction can be extremely difficult for users to break on their own. Oxycodone abusers are often filled with regret for their mistake and become too ashamed to seek help, but if you or a loved one is addicted to this drug, you are not alone, and there IS hope for healing. At Better Tomorrow Treatment Center, we understand that addiction recovery is a journey and that addiction itself is a complex issue. That’s why we take a holistic and professional approach to oxycodone addiction treatment, seeking to help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and relationally. Our renowned rehabilitation facility offers safe and supportive housing, individualized treatment programs, experienced medical professionals and therapists, and all of the other tools that you need to get clean and stay clean. Call our West Palm Beach oxycodone addiction treatment center today to get more information about our programs and start changing your life for the better!

Why Choose Us

Oxycodone addiction can transform a physically healthy, happy, productive person into a person who is paranoid, anxious, depressed, irritable, reckless, and unhealthy physically. This type of addiction can devastate your relationships and your finances, as well as your self-esteem. With treatment, freedom is possible, but it’s important to find the right treatment program – one that has proven results.

Better Tomorrow Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, is unique among oxycodone and opioid addiction rehab clinics. On our staff, you will find highly trained professionals who are extremely compassionate and who can relate to what you’re going through, because many of them have personal experience with addiction and recovery.

We focus on treating the whole person, because addiction is typically multi-faceted. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to getting clean is withdrawal symptoms – though oxycodone can be weaned slowly, and our medical team will oversee the detox process safely – but in many cases, there are other hurts and tendencies and triggers that contribute to addiction. Our personalized programs are designed specifically to help each person who walks through our doors get to the root of their oxycodone addiction and learn how to build a healthier, substance-free life.

Our staff recognizes that recovery is a lifelong process that doesn’t end when you graduate from our West Palm Beach oxycodone addiction treatment program, which is why our alumni program includes an after-care plan. We are always here to offer support to you at any point in your recovery journey, no matter how long it has been since you left our center; our goal is to form a permanent relationship with you that you can rely on to champion you during your recovery and beyond.

However, what distinguishes us most from other oxycodone rehab centers is that we offer beautiful, comfortable supportive housing for our patients. Other facilities that house patients often provide a living experience that feels more institutional – it may be cold or unwelcoming. We know that your environment is important to the success of your recovery, so our goal was to create a substance-free space, in close proximity to nature, where you can live in community with others, maintain your independence, and rebuild life skills necessary for a healthy future. You can learn more about our West Palm Beach oxycodone addiction treatment center and view pictures here, or call 1-561-336-6914 to get information on housing opportunities and treatment programs.

What To Expect

Before becoming a patient at our West Palm Beach oxycodone addiction treatment center, anyone seeking treatment must complete a pre-admission screening, so we can discover if we are the right fit for you! If we are not, we will not leave you hanging, and will connect you with other quality programs that may be a better fit for your specific situation.

If you are offered admission, you will start treatment immediately. During week 1, you will complete intake and assessments, attend orientation, meet the staff and other members of the community, and check into housing. The next 45 days will consist of a rigorous schedule of detox, treatment, and therapy; you will totally immerse yourself in the clinical program that has been designed for you. During this phase, you will learn how to set goals for your recovery. The next 45 days will consist of working closely with our team to develop an aftercare plan for long-term recovery as well as an immediate discharge plan. Most patients at Better Tomorrow do graduate after 90 days, but if you need longer to complete your treatment plan, you have the option of being phased down to outpatient status and continue receiving our supportive care.

At Better Tomorrow, we stress that recovery is a journey, and not always a smooth one. We are here for you through every step and potential bump in the road. Everyone’s recovery journey is different, but the goal is the same – to break addictions to oxycodone and stay sober for life. Our programs keep that goal in mind, and help you develop the techniques required to beat your addiction and avoid relapse.

Do I Need This? Can I Afford This?

Because most oxycodone addictions start out as legitimate prescriptions, sometimes it is difficult to determine when an oxycodone addiction is present and when treatment is needed. If you or a loved one is using oxycodone more than a doctor recommended, is unable to cut back, is having cravings for the drug, is unable to adequately fulfill obligations, is dedicating a significant portion of time to getting the drug or recovering from effects, or is experiencing negative relational impacts but is still unable to quit, those are signs that an addiction is present and that it’s time to get help.

One thing that prevents many people from seeking professional help with their oxycodone addiction is cost. They fear or assume that treatment is going to be too expensive to afford. However, federal law requires insurance providers to cover addiction rehabilitation. If you have insurance (and we accept most major insurances at our West Palm Beach oxycodone addiction treatment center), you are likely a great candidate for treatment. It is completely free to call us and have a conversation with us about your options. You can call us free today at (844) 989-1415 to discover whether or not we accept your insurance and apply for admission.

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