Heroin & Treatment

Heroin addiction is dangerous and devastating. The number of individuals using heroin has been on the rise since 2007, with 948,000 Americans reporting that they used heroin in 2016. The National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2018, approximately 14,996 people died after overdosing on heroin. This opioid drug is having devastating, tragic effects on people’s lives, their bodies, and their relationships. If you or someone you love has a heroin addiction, you are not alone, and there is hope for healing, freedom, and peace – treatment is the solution for any addiction, but especially for one as destructive as heroin. The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center takes a long-term, holistic approach to heroin addiction treatment. Our center offers safe and supportive housing, customized treatment programs, expert therapists and medical professionals, and all of the other resources you need to get sober and stay sober. Contact our West Palm Beach heroin addiction treatment center to learn more about what we do or start the life-changing sobriety journey.

Why Choose Us

People who experience heroin addiction treatment at the Better Tomorrow Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, will likely have a unique experience from other individuals who go through rehab, or perhaps it will be different from rehab experiences they have had in the past. Our compassionate, highly trained staff is made up of educated professionals, many of whom have personal connections to the addiction and recovery process and all of whom are extremely knowledgeable about rehabilitation. We truly understand what people battling heroin addictions are going through. Any addiction, including a heroin addiction, has complex causes and is potentially a symptom of a deeper issue. That’s why our heroin addiction treatment programs seek to treat the whole person through a personalized recovery plan designed specifically for each person who comes through our doors. Your treatment plan is created to help you understand the heart of your addiction and equip you with the tools you need to design a healthy life. Heroin addiction recovery is a lifelong journey that doesn’t end when you graduate from our center; our alumni program includes an after-care plan, and we are always here to give you the support or help you need.

Our West Palm Beach heroin addiction treatment center provides beautiful, comfortable supportive housing, unlike many other facilities which sometimes only offer uncomfortable, cold living quarters. Environment can be a key factor in the success and journey of recovery. Our supervised, substance free environment allows you to maintain your independence in a safe, sober place and rebuild the basic skills you need for a healthy future. You will live in community with others who are also going through recovery and can encourage you while you fight the disease of heroin addiction. Call the Better Tomorrow Treatment Center at (844) 989-1415 today to begin the application process!

What To Expect

Before our heroin addiction treatment center can grant you admission, you must complete a pre-admission screening so we can determine whether or not we are the right fit for you. If for whatever reason we cannot offer you admission, we will not leave you hanging – we will offer other recommendations that may be a better fit! If you are offered admission, you will start week one of your heroin addiction treatment journey by completing intake, attending orientation, taking assessments, checking into housing, and meeting other members of the community and our staff. The next two weeks will begin an intense schedule of treatment – you will be totally immersed in the clinical program that has been designed for you. During the first 45 days of treatment, you will learn to recognize the underlying causes of your personal heroin addiction and set your goals for recovery. During the next 45 days, you will work with our staff to determine a long-term plan for recovery and an immediate discharge plan. Many of our patients graduate at 90 days, but you may need more time, and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone’s recovery journey is unique! We give you the option of phasing down to outpatient status and continuing to receive supportive care. At the Better Tomorrow Treatment Center, we truly want to see people who are addicted to heroin break free from their addictions and stay that way, for life. We focus on helping you develop the skills necessary to completely overcome your addictions!

Do I Need This? Can I Afford This?

A heroin addiction doesn’t have to be the end of the story – change is possible! Heroin doesn’t have to steal your happiness or ruin your life. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine when and if intervention is needed, but heroin is a highly addictive substance. If you are a loved one is unable to stop using, despite negative consequences or multiple attempts to stop, that is a hallmark sign of addiction. Other symptoms include agitation, drowsiness, slurred speech, constricted pupils, depression, memory problems, constipation, reduced sense of pain, changes in appearance, changes in behavior, money issues, or risk taking. If you suspect that it may be time to get help, don’t wait. Call our West Palm Beach heroin addiction treatment center to discuss more symptoms of addiction and learn more about our programs.

Some people do not seek out heroin addiction treatment because they are not sure whether or not they can afford it, but federal law requires insurance providers to offer coverage for addiction rehabilitation. We accept most major insurances. If you have insurance, you are most likely a perfect candidate for treatment from our center. Contact the Better Tomorrow Treatment Center to learn more about the cost and check whether we accept your insurance. It is free to call us! We are passionate about helping people receive the help they need to fight addiction and win. Call us FREE at (844) 989-1415.

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