Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

Amphetamines are central nervous stimulants often used to treat hyperactivity disorders (including ADHD), narcolepsy (sleeping disorders), and depression. As with other prescription drugs, amphetamines (such as brand names Adderall and Dexedrine and illicit generic variations like methamphetamine and ecstasy) are highly addictive, and can have destructive effects when used incorrectly or abused. In 2015, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that about 4.8 million people in the United States abused prescription amphetamines that year (1.8% of the population 12 years of age and older). Amphetamines, which are commonly known as beans, bennies, uppers, and speed, work by stimulating and increasing the amounts of dopamine (pleasure) in the brain. Users will be able to experience a boost of energy, stay awake for long periods of time, not feel hungry, and feel euphoric, but these effects are short-lived, and the high ends with a crash. Over time, the body builds up a tolerance, and more and more of the drug is needed to produce the same high, which leads to addiction. It can be incredibly difficult for users to break an amphetamine abuse disorder without help.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to prescription or street amphetamines, you are not alone, and there IS hope for healing and freedom in recovery. The devastating effects of amphetamine addictions on the body and brain are dangerous – besides structurally altering the brain and literally destroying brain matter, misuse of amphetamines can also lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure, malnutrition, and sleeping problems. Better Tomorrow Treatment Center understands that professional help is the solution to an amphetamine addiction, which is why we take a holistic, long-term approach to substance abuse recovery. Our West Palm Beach amphetamine addiction treatment center offers safe and supportive housing, customized treatment programs, caring and knowledgeable professionals, and the resources you need to achieve sobriety. Call us today to learn more about what we do and get started on your recovery journey!

Why Choose Us

Better Tomorrow Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, takes a unique approach to amphetamine addiction. Many members on our highly qualified staff team have either personally experienced addiction and recovery or have family members who have, so they truly understand what our patients are going through and know what it is like to battle an addiction.

Amphetamine addiction doesn’t have a simple or fast solution, and there could be many aspects to an individual’s substance abuse problem, so our programs are designed to treat the whole person. Each patient at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center receives a personalized treatment plan specifically created for them. The goal of our West Palm Beach amphetamine addiction treatment is to help you understand the root of your issue and then equip you with all of the tools you need to build back a healthier life, free from dependence. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and it looks different for everyone, which is why we offer an after-care alumni program and always strive to have lasting relationships with our patients.

The quality of your environment can make a big impact on the success of your recovery, which is why we offer comfortable supportive housing for victims of amphetamine addictions. We provide our patients with a supervised, substance-free, community-oriented atmosphere that allows them to keep their independence while reducing temptation and rebuilding life skills. To learn more about what sets our amphetamine addiction treatment programs apart, call our addiction recovery specialists at 1-561-336-6914 today!

What To Expect

Before you can receive treatment at our  West Palm Beach amphetamine addiction treatment center, we conduct a pre-admission screening in order to make sure that our programs are the right fit for your situation. If not, we will try to recommend other centers who may be better suited to your needs, because our hope is for everyone suffering from addiction to find help and freedom!

When you are accepted as a patient, you will immediately begin completing intake documentation and assessments, attending orientation, checking into housing, meeting other patients and staff, and generally getting acclimated to the environment. During this time, we’ll come up with a strategic treatment plan for you, which will last approximately 90 days.

Days 1 – 45 will consist of a rigorous schedule of treatment. This includes detox, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and more. You will work with our staff to identify your triggers, set recovery goals, and completely immerse yourself in life at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center. Days 45 – 90 will consist of working with our staff to develop a long-term plan for recovery and an immediate discharge plan. Many patients are able to graduate successfully at 90 days, but others need more time to complete their program, which is fine – we always work with you to make sure you feel comfortable stepping out of treatment, and have the option to phase you down to outpatient status where you can continue receiving supportive care.

Getting clean isn’t easy, but it is possible. The staff at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center are here for you! At our West Palm Beach amphetamine addiction treatment center, you will find not only the resources, but the personal support and encouragement you need to overcome your addiction.

Do I Need This? Can I Afford This?

Unaddressed amphetamine addictions can lead to serious health issues as well as damage relationships, employment opportunities, and more. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if help is needed, but amphetamines by nature are highly addictive. If you or a loved one is using amphetamines in a manner not prescribed by a doctor and cannot quit despite negative consequences, it is time for professional intervention. Addiction is often accompanied by  (and sometimes partly caused by) financial struggles. Many individuals and their families avoid seeking treatment because they are not sure that they can afford the cost of rehab, but federal law requires insurance providers to offer coverage for addiction treatment. Better Tomorrow Treatment Center accepts most major insurances, so if you have insurance, you are likely a good candidate for our amphetamine addiction program. It is completely free to call us and verify whether we accept your insurance. We truly care about helping you overcome your addiction and would love to help you! Contact our West Palm Beach amphetamine addiction treatment center today at (844) 989-1415.

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