Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one struggles with an alcohol addiction, you are not alone, although the disease can feel extremely isolating. Millions of people in the world are currently battling alcohol addiction. In the United States, in 2019, over 14.1 million adults were reported to have an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Alcohol-related addictions, diseases, and related accidents are the third leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Unfortunately, only 7.9% of individuals received the treatment they needed to fight and win against addiction. Having an addiction to alcohol can be devastating to your relationships, your finances, your mental health, your employment opportunities, your physical body, and more, but there IS hope for healing and freedom with treatment. Better Tomorrow Treatment Center near Delray Beach, Florida, takes a long-term, whole-person approach to helping people beat alcohol addictions, achieve and maintain sobriety, and rebuild healthy lives. Call our Delray Beach alcohol addiction treatment center today to get more information about our programs and start experiencing life-changing transformation!

Why Choose Us

There are many great options for alcohol addiction treatment across the United States and in Florida, but there are also many things that make our rehab center stand out as one of the top choices of recovery programs.

For one thing, our Delray Beach alcohol addiction treatment staff is made up of experienced, highly educated addiction professionals, many of whom have either personally experienced the addiction and recovery process or have family members who have. We truly understand what it is like to be in your shoes, and that gives us compassion for your situation. We are better equipped to handle what you are going through because we can relate to you on each step of your journey!

Because we know what alcohol addiction is really like, we recognize that alcoholism is typically a symptom of deeper life problems, so our programs – custom made for each patient who comes through our doors –  are designed to get to the heart of your addiction and give you the tools you need to lay good foundations and live a healthier life. We take a holistic approach; we don’t just isolate your addiction symptoms and forget about all of the other factors and causes.

We also recognize that addiction recovery is a lifelong process that is unique for everyone, so we take the time to design an after-care plan and alumni program. Our treatment center will always be here for you, no matter how many years it’s been since you’ve graduated with us, to offer you the support you need to maintain sobriety.

But perhaps what sets us apart the most from a typical rehab center is that we offer high quality supportive housing, not just uncomfortable facility living that many patients experience at other inpatient centers. Your environment has a huge impact on how successful your recovery is; that’s why we intentionally create a supervised, beautiful, substance-free living environment where you can keep your independence, live in community with others who are experiencing the same things, and acquire the skills you need to fight alcoholism. Call (844) 989-1415 today to get started!

What To Expect

While our vision is to see every person struggling with an alcohol addiction get the help they need, our Delray Beach alcohol addiction treatment programs are not the right fit for everyone. If you are interested in becoming a patient, you will need to complete a pre-admission screening in order for us to evaluate you as a candidate. If we decide that we are not the right fit, we will direct you to other recommendations that may be better suited for your needs! If you are accepted and admitted, treatment will begin immediately. During week 1, you will complete assessments and intake, attend orientation, check into housing, and meet the staff. During weeks two and three, you will begin a rigorous schedule of treatment, which may include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and more. Days 1 through 45 will be focused on helping you work through the clinical program that has been designed for you, helping you realize the underlying elements of your addiction, and helping you set goals for recovery and work towards them. Days 45 through 90 will be focused on developing a long-term plan for recovery as well as an immediate discharge plan.

Most of our patients graduate at 90 days – the length of our programs – but if you need longer to complete your program, or if you don’t feel confident on your own just yet after graduating, we can phase you down to outpatient status and you can continue receiving the supportive care you need from our Delray Beach alcohol addiction treatment center.

Do I Need This? Can I Afford This?

Because alcohol consumption is a socially acceptable habit, sometimes it can be very difficult to admit that you or a loved one needs help, or see clearly when an alcohol consumption turns into addiction. If you or a loved one has a repeated pattern of excessive drinking, a physical dependence on alcohol, alcohol-related relationship problems, problems with the law or at work, or an inability to quit drinking, then it is probably time to seek out help. You can call our Delray Beach alcohol addiction treatment center for free, no questions asked, to learn more about the symptoms of an AUD and discover whether we are the best choice for you.

Many struggling individuals or families avoid seeking treatment because they are not sure if they can afford it, but federal law actually requires insurance providers to offer coverage for alcohol  addiction rehabilitation, and Better Tomorrow accepts most major insurances. If you have insurance, you are likely a great candidate for treatment at our center! Call today to learn more about the cost – it is free to call, ask a few questions, and have us verify your insurance coverage, because we truly want to help prospective patients receive help to treat their alcohol addictions. Call us FREE at (844) 989-1415.

Better Tomorrow