Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida

There are various types of prescription drugs. Unfortunately, with many of them, there is a risk of people developing an addiction to them. Some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs are opioids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and stimulants. Doctors generally prescribe opioids to help people experience less pain. Barbiturates and benzodiazepines are usually prescribed to treat sleep issues and anxiety. Stimulants are prescribed to treat ADHD and other mental health conditions.

Over time, when someone takes these drugs, they develop a higher tolerance to them. When this happens, the effects they receive aren’t as beneficial, so they need an increased dose. When doctors are no longer able to increase the dose, many people will turn to family members or friends to get more of the drug. Some people will start going to drug dealers to get more of the drug, as well.

If you or someone you know has become addicted to or even dependent upon prescription drugs, our Better Tomorrow team can help you to overcome this addiction.

Why Choose Us

Here at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center, we offer a unique prescription drug addiction rehabilitation program. Since so many of our staff members have personally experienced or had a loved one who experienced addiction, they understand the battle of addiction. They know it is a disease and they want to help everyone overcome this disease.

We know there isn’t a simple, quick solution to overcoming addiction. There are so many complex aspects of addiction and it is different for everyone. However, this is one of the reasons why we have a variety of treatment programs and addiction recovery services. We want to be able to treat the whole person and not just everyone in a group together. If you are coming through the doors of our West Palm Beach addiction treatment center, we want to help you create your own healthy lifestyle. Recovery is a journey and a lifelong one at that. Let our team have a connection to helping you overcome your addiction.

Another reason why you should choose our prescription drug addiction treatment center is that we offer comfortable, supportive housing for survivors of prescription drug addiction. Many other addiction rehab centers do offer housing, too, but ours is quality, clean and home-like which makes a huge difference with the recovery process. Here at our West Palm Beach rehab center, you will also have a substance-free, community-oriented, 24-hour supervised environment. When you live here at Better Tomorrow, you can get the best prescription drug addiction treatment services possible. Contact our team today to set up outpatient or inpatient prescription drug addiction treatment for yourself or someone you care about today.

What To Expect

Before we can let patients into our West Palm Beach prescription drug addiction treatment center, we must do a pre-admission screening. This allows us to ensure that our facility is the best fit for you. If we don’t have what you need, we can help you find the addiction treatment services that will work for you.

If we do find that our facility is a good fit for you, we can get you going with the initial stages of the addiction recovery process. This means that we will talk you through the intake documentation, help you through the assessments, get you into the orientation, move you into the housing (if that is the program you are attending), get you in touch with staff members, allow you to meet other patients and talk to you about your treatment plan.

In the first 45 days of treatment, you will stick to your treatment schedule. This could include a range of services such as personal counseling, group therapy, 12-step facilitation therapy, yoga, meditation and more.

In days 45 to 90, you will work alongside our staff members to create your long-term recovery plan and develop a discharge/aftercare plan, as well.

While we do have some patients that graduate the prescription drug addiction treatment program at the 90-day mark, others do need more time in our treatment programs. We work with each person individually to create a treatment plan that fits their recovery needs.

We know that everyone’s recovery journey is unique. Getting clean from prescription drugs allows you to free yourself from the drugs you were using. It won’t happen overnight, but it is still possible for you to finally overcome the addiction you have to prescription drugs. Our team is here cheering for you and we will be here for you when you are ready. Contact us to get the support you need to start overcoming the addiction.

Do I Need This? Can I Afford This?

When prescription drug addictions go unaddressed, they can negatively affect every area of a person’s life. It can affect their social, emotional, physical and mental health. However, you don’t have to let the addiction keep stealing your happiness, joy and fun in life. Here at Better Tomorrow, we can help you to regain control over your life. We can help you to fight off the addiction to prescription drugs.

Whether you are having financial, physical, emotional or mental issues as a result of your addiction, our team is here to help you every step of the way. You may not think you need addiction rehab services, but ultimately the more support you can get in your recovery, the better you can do.

In regard to whether you can afford prescription drug addiction treatment, there are numerous options to help you pay for these services. Some of the options include borrowing money from friends and loved ones, getting a loan that you can pay back after treatment, using savings, insurance plans, payment plans and more.

Are you ready to start overcoming your addiction to prescription drugs? No matter which drugs you are taking, our Better Tomorrow team is here to help. Get into a West Palm Beach prescription drug addiction treatment program today by contacting our rehab center team.