Painkiller Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida

Painkiller Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Those who take painkillers are susceptible to developing an addiction. Your personal history including the length of time of your usage of painkillers do take into account the possibility of developing that addiction. It is nearly inconclusive to tell who is exactly vulnerable to actual dependence to painkillers. However, these drugs irregardless if they are illegal, legal, stolen, or shared they are sadly responsible for the majority of the overdoses that result in deaths in the United States today.

Something that started out as a pleasurable experience now begins to feel like something you absolutely cannot live without, and turns into an uncontrollable compulsion. This is what addiction essentially ends up becoming, an irresistible craving for a drug. It becomes out of control and has harmful consequences over time. Sometimes it can happen quickly over a slow long period of time. It varies for many people.

Painkillers are very highly addictive, especially since they are targeted to activate powerful reward centers in our brain specifically and purposefully. It sets off the release of endorphins, which are the feel-good neurotransmitters within your brain. It blunts your perception of pain and increases your feelings of pleasure. In result, it creates a temporary yet strong and powerful signal of comfort and well-being. As painkillers start to wear off, you can begin to find yourself desiring those feel-good comfort feelings to return, as quickly as possible. This is the first marker towards the beginning of possible addiction.

Why Choose Us

In the United States, and especially Florida there are several great options for painkiller addiction treatment programs and facility centers available. Yet there are a few things we like to consider that sets our rehab facility center apart from the rest in a positive way.

Our Painkiller addiction treatment team in Delray Beach is highly trained and educated. Our  addiction professionals treatment team we are very especially proud of. They have extensive experience in recovery and because of their extensive experience in recovery they are very beneficial to our patience’s recovery process on a personal level. Many of them have experienced addiction themselves along with the recovery process. They can especially relate to what our patients go through, because of their shared experiences they are very much genuinely more connected and compassionate for their situation.

At our rehab treatment facility as you can see we are well experienced. In addition, we are very well equipped to tackle any aspect of your addiction. We are completely invested, along with committed to guiding you through recovery every step of the way.

We understand addiction is multi-faceted and it is very complex. There are a lot of components to consider with addiction. Whether that be genetic factors, relational factors, environmental factors, trauma, and more. With understanding that, we make sure our programs are customized to each individual person who comes into our treatment facility.

We want to help our patients get to the manifestation of their addiction to help them see the full scope of understanding their addiction. It’s important for us to further offer you the resources needed to lay out a better and stronger foundation which will help support you into leading a healthier drug free life. Valuing holistic approaches are important to us, being we believe that it helps treat as many aspects of your painkiller addiction. It ultimately helps support the best possible chance of life-long success for your future.

It’s a life-long process when it comes to recovery, and that can look very different for everyone. That is why we take the additional time to design a well thought out and thorough plan for after-care for each patient prior to discharge from our facility.

No matter what, however, even after discharge, our treatment facility center will always be here in support of you and your drug-free recovery journey. No matter what season you are in with your recovery, we are here to offer your support. We want to help you to maintain and live a clean life without drugs for the short-term as well as the long-term.

Aside from our excellent staff here, our holistic approach, and our unfailing long-term commitment to you. We also pride ourselves in offering a high standard in quality housing for the duration of your stay as inpatient at our facility. It distinguishes our rehab facility as one of the top choices of Florida rehab centers being we offer a more home-like environment to heal in treatment. We oppose a sterile clinical facility living stay, that is anything reminiscent of a welcoming home. We take the time to put the additional effort into this type of home living for our patients, because we value and understand that your healing environment does have a huge impact on the success of your ultimate recovery.

Call (561)336-6914 today to talk to us more about why our Delray Beach addiction treatment facility would be the most positive and impactful in helping you with your painkiller addiction.

What To Expect

We envision those who are fighting painkiller addiction to receive the proper support needed to overcome their addiction completely for the immediate and long-term. Although, we understand Better Tomorrow, and our painkiller addiction treatment facility may not be the best treatment option for every individual struggling with painkiller addiction. However, if you are interested in finding out if we are possibly the right treatment painkiller addiction treatment facility for you please contact us and speak with our pre-admission screening administrator.

They will be happy to determine if you would be a good candidate and benefit from our addiction treatment facility. If you wouldn’t be a proper candidate, we would be more than happy to help you, for free, in finding other options to other centers in the area that would be a better potential fit in comparison. If you happen to be approved and are confirmed to be determined to be a good fit for our treatment center you can expect to begin treatment immediately.

During your first week you can expect to move into your housing, meet and be introduced to staff, attend the orientations, complete intake and all the assessments needed, familiarize yourself with our center overall, including your personalized treatment plan as well.

For the forty-five days you can expect to completely enthrall yourself in the treatment program in its entirety of which has been designed uniquely for you specifically.

A medically supervised detox may be a part of your treatment plan, along with individualized counseling, including group therapy sessions, exercise routine sessions, plus more potentially. You will also be encouraged to set goals for your recovery too and begin to work on those goals as well. During the next forty-five days, it will be very important to work along with staff to come up with a long-term plan for recovery that is reasonable and has a strong potential to be successful.

This will be a part of your discharge. Most patients graduate and discharge in about ninety days overall completing the program, however extra time is given if you need longer. At Better Tomorrow we will phase you down to outpatient status where you can transition from inpatient to outpatient, if needed. This is beneficial where you can continue to receive additional support and treatment that you may need.

Do I Need This? Can I Afford This?

It can be difficult to determine whether or not it is time to get help with an addiction. However, when it comes to painkiller addiction the sooner you can get help the better. You don’t have to let it continue to steal your future. Painkiller addiction can be very consuming and wreak havoc in your life financially and relationship wise in a tremendous way.

If you or a loved one is using painkillers frequently and you believe it’s possible painkiller abuse it’s most definitely time to start getting evaluated by a trained professional. Upon their determination of possible painkiller addiction after your evaluation now can be the time for you to start receiving the support you need for ending the painkiller use that has been plaguing you and/or your loved one.

Signs of painkiller addiction can be drowsiness, depression, memory problems, agitation, reduced sense of pain, slurred speech, changes in appearances, constricted pupils, financial issues, or high risk taking behaviors.

Contact Better Tomorrow treatment facility today for free and speak with one of our intake coordinators. You can learn more about painkiller addictions. You can also learn more about our treatment facility in general and all the treatment programs we have to offer to best serve you! We would like to help determine if we would be the best facility to meet your needs in helping you in your long-term sobriety journey!