Methadone Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida

Methadone Addiction Treatment West Palm Beach, FL

Methadone is a powerful synthetic opioid sometimes used for chronic pain. Most people know of it as a harm reduction or maintenance medication most often used by people recovering from heroin addiction.

It helps stabilize patients and minimize withdrawal symptoms in the circumstances of addiction by acting on the same opioid receptors as Heroin and Morphine receptors in the brain.

It is legitimate and legal to use, being it is a federally designated Schedule II drug. However, it has a high probability of its users developing a dependence to it. It is illegal though for people to use Methadone to get high. Abusing it can cause great mental and physical impairment including dependence.

Hydrocodone and Morphine are other Schedule II drugs.

Methadone Abuse

Although Methadone helps alleviate addiction by reducing cravings, it is still a heavily-regulated drug and that is why those who are prescribed it have to go to a clinic to receive their dose. It is potentially very addictive and therefore very powerful. Those who use it to overcome their heroin addiction are at an increased risk of Methadone abuse. This is because they already have an established history of opioid dependency and because while methadone doesn’t deliver the same euphoric high as other opioids, people sometimes combine it with benzos or other drugs of abuse to get high.

In addition to that, methadone has an extremely long half life which makes detoxing and withdrawal complicated. There are some addicts that actually gravitate toward Methadone as their drug of choice. When someone uses Methadone more than what they are prescribed or uses it and they are not prescribed, they are abusing the medication.

Being that Methadone is designed to not create a euphoric effect like Heroin or Morphine. It’s purposely formulated to block the pleasurable sensations in the brain of other Opiates, including Heroin. Even then Methadone does have some slight euphoric effects nevertheless, even though they are limited. Even though, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has

Indicated those who take Methadone are not approved to drive due to the side effects of the drug.

The side effects of Methadone are sedation, decrease reaction time and attention span, drowsiness, droopy eyelids, dry mouth, muscle weakness, decrease blood pressure, decrease body weakness, decrease body temperature, and little to no reaction to light. Some do experience euphoria. In increased doses, an actual “high” can be developed of which the euphoric effect can be further increased intravenously.

Why Choose Us

Methadone addiction can turn a happy, productive, physically healthy, outgoing person into a reclusive, paranoid, depressed, anxious, irritable, depressed, reckless, and physically unhealthy individual.

This specific addiction can destroy and devastate relationships and wreck your finances, including your self-esteem. Freedom is possible, through treatment, though it is imperative to find the right treatment program. An evidence-based treatment program has proven to be successful with results.

In West Palm Beach Florida, Better Tomorrow Treatment Center’s successful and unique Methadone addiction rehab treatment facility and clinics have proven to give positive results. We have highly trained professionals and educated staff. They are all very compassionate and can relate to what you are going through. Many of them have very personal experiences with addiction and recovery.

Addiction is very complex, and we focus on treating the entire person. A lot of the time the largest challenge can be getting clean and getting through the withdrawal symptoms themselves. Although Methadone can be withdrawn slowly, our medical team meticulously supervises the detox process for your safety. We still understand there are emotional hurts and other triggers that feed into the addiction. With that said, our personalized programs help and are designed to specifically assist each individual find the core of their Methadone addiction. Upon doing so, help them find out how to build the healthier addiction-free life they deserve!

When you graduate from our program here at the West Palm Beach Methadone addiction treatment program, we realize that this is the beginning of a life-long recovery process. This is why we offer an after-care plan prior to you being released.

We are always here to support you in your journey to a substance-free life in your recovery journey. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you have exited our center. We have a goal, and our goal is to have a permanent and reliable relationship with you to count on. We want to champion you during your recovery and beyond, you’ll always have someone in your corner supporting you.

One of the beneficial things about Better Tomorrow’s Treatment Center is we don’t give off that institutionalized vibe. We offer comfortable, beautiful housing that is supportive for our patients and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We strive for our patients to feel at home and welcomed. The environment is important for the success of your personal recovery, therefore, we created a substance-free space, with it also being close to nature, and it being within a community among others. Yet we also understand it is also important for you to maintain your independence, and continue to rebuild necessary life skills for a more healthy future.

To learn more about our West Palm Beach Methadone addiction treatment center and other rehab centers, call (561) 336-6914 to get additional information today!

What To Expect

Prior to becoming a patient of ours here at the Methadone addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, FL, you must participate in and complete a pre-admission screening. This will help determine if our addiction is the right treatment center for you! If by chance we are not, we will help connect you with other quality programs that will be a better fit for you and your specific situation and circumstance.

You will start treatment immediately if you are offered admission. During week one, you will be completing intake and assessments, including attending orientations, meeting all the staff and other additional members of the community, including checking into the housing in which you will be residing.

The next forty-five days will be a rigorous schedule of detox, treatment, and various therapies. You will be diligently immersed in the clinical programs that have been uniquely designed for you for your specialized treatment plan. While in this phase you will set goals for your recovery and learn how to set these goals too. You will also work very closely with your team to develop an aftercare plan for discharge for your long-term sobriety.

Better Tomorrow graduates after 90 days, do graduate the program, however, if you end up needing additional days to finalize and complete your treatment plan you have options. You can be phased down to outpatient status and still continue to receive supportive care.

We insist that recovery and sobriety are journeys that are not always smooth or straightforward. Nevertheless, we are always here for you every step of the way, including the bumps that may happen to appear on the road along the way. Everyone’s journey to recovery is different, even though the goal is the same ultimately. We all want to break our substance abuse addictions to Methadone and stay sober for the long term in life. Our program here at Better Tomorrow keeps that goal in focus, and we do everything we can to help you learn the techniques to ensure what we can to help you beat your addiction, and avoid relapse.

Do I Need This? Can I Afford This?

Methadone typically starts out as being a legitimate prescription. It’s supposed to help a person get off other opioids like Heroin for instance. Though even then, Methadone is still abused although it is a prescription and a highly controlled substance. If you or a loved one is struggling and have found yourself addicted to Methadone despite the circumstances, know Better Tomorrow is here to help, with no judgment. We can help! Methadone is a very seriously addicting drug in itself.

We understand that many people prevent seeking treatment or professional help due to the anticipation of the Methadone addiction treatment cost. They feel treatment costs are going to be extremely expensive and it will not be affordable. Though, federal law requires insurance providers to cover addiction rehabilitation, which you may be surprised to know. If you have insurance (we accept most insurances), you more than likely could be covered for treatment.

You can call us today, for free at (844) 989-1451. You can find out if your insurance will cover your potential treatment and find out your available options. In addition, you can also apply for admission.