Family Program in West Palm Beach, Florida

Better Tomorrow Treatment Center knows that addiction is an illness that affects far more than just the individual. It has an impact upon entire families. The families of people with substance use disorders need healing too. They also need to know how they can be part of the solution. The beautiful thing about your loved one entering recovery is not only that they will get the help they so desperately need, but it also provides an opportunity for family to heal. In a best case scenario, the family will engage with our Family Program and interact with the recovering persons therapist. Being open to suggestions opens a world of possibilities for healing and growth in the family long after treatment has been completed too.

Many families find that getting involved in fellowships of their own, like NARANON and ALANON as well as Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) is transformative. Recovery work by other family members does much more than just help the patient in recovery because they are better understood. It also sparks personal growth in the family member who chooses to engage in those fellowships and even work a program with them. Many family members find that attending outpatient therapy or individual psychotherapy themselves is enormously helpful in the healing process. Better Tomorrow Treatment Center’s Family Program will provide all the support and guidance you need in that arena and much more. We will be happy to offer suggestions and referrals too. Please give us a call with any questions and to learn more about our Family Program.