Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

What You Should Know About Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

If you’re considering alcohol and drug treatment, a medical detox will likely be one of the first things on your list. Alcohol and drug detox generally must occur before any of the deeper therapeutic work can begin. There are a number of reasons for this. Medical safety is at the top of the list. Especially with alcohol and certain drugs like benzodiazepines, such as Xanax and Klonopin and barbiturates. Drugs in those categories can lead to fatal seizures in withdrawal if a person ceases use too abruptly or attempts to detox from home.

Simply put, alcohol and drug detox is not something you should attempt without medical supervision. Best case scenario, it will lead to a lot of unnecessary discomfort and you will be at tremendous risk of relapse. Worst case scenario, you could have a medical emergency, even a fatal grand mal seizure. We tell you this not to alarm you, but because it is our responsibility to equip you with the facts. Whatever substances you or your loved one need a drug detox from, please think twice before attempting any type of home detox scenario.

How Does Alcohol and Drug Detox Work?

Addiction treatment usually consists of at least a total of 30-60 days in partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs and sometimes residential inpatient for more acute cases. But before any of that can begin, a patient must be medically stabilized and assessed. That’s where drug detox fits into the equation. Alcohol and drug detox usually consists of an inpatient stay at a medical facility from between 4-7 days. The length of stay will vary depending upon a few factors, including the following:

  • What substances the person has been using.
  • How long they have been using them.
  • The persons age and relative physical health.
  • Other medical issues, predisposition to seizures etc.

Whatever your situation may be, Better Tomorrow Treatment Center is here to help. We can set recovery in motion for you with access to a full array of addiction treatment services. From detox through our trusted partner programs to partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) right here at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center.

Why Should I get Detox at a Dedicated Medical Detox?

At Better Tomorrow Treatment Center, we are big believers in using the best tool for the job. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than when it comes to the practice of medicine. When it comes to an alcohol and drug detox, our position is that dedicated medical detox facilities are best equipped to handle the range of symptoms and eventualities that are possible in a detox scenario. We think attempting a home drug detox is a mistake. Dedicated Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox Facilities offer:

  • Expertise and total focus on medical detox.
  • Experience in treating any withdrawal symptoms or discomfort in real time.
  • 24-hour nurses on staff if any acute medical need should arise.
  • Accommodations specifically designed to keep people comfortable during detox.

Outpatient detox may work for some patients in certain scenarios, but more often than not if someone is ready for drug and alcohol rehab and they are drinking and/or using drugs regularly, then they are a candidate for an inpatient medical detox. This is why Better Tomorrow Treatment Center works closely with facilities that specialize in drug detox in West Palm Beach. Our first priority is seeing that you get the right treatment at the right time. We want every client entering our partial hospitalization program (PHP) to be medically stabilized and comfortable with all of their symptoms addressed. We feel that’s the logical place to begin therapy and the work of recovery which requires a clear mind and body for best results.


Answers to the questions we’re asked most.

Does insurance pay for medical drug detox and rehab?

The Mental Health and Addiction Parity Act requires insurance to offer drug and alcohol treatment comparable to mental health services. Between this law and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is easier to get insurance coverage for addiction care than ever before. If you want to know what your plan covers in detail and up-front costs, if any, the best way is to call us and ask for an insurance benefits verification. This usually takes around an hour at most and is followed by a phone evaluation. With that you’ll have all the pieces in place to make an informed treatment decision for yourself. You can call us directly or submit a form online for insurance verification and call for the assessment later.

How long is drug detox and treatment?

The length of stay will vary depending on your needs. The inpatient medical drug detox phase usually lasts for at least 4-7 days. It can sometimes take longer, for example a detox from methadone or someone who has been taking a high dose of benzodiazepines for many years. But the majority of patients can finish medical drug detox within a week or so. After a medical detox is completed, Better Tomorrow recommends 60-90 days of treatment overall when possible. That would include all 3 phases of our program (PHP, IOP, OP). The length of time a person spends in treatment is a key indicator for their chances of success, so consider that in any decision you make. We only ask that you keep an open mind and consider the importance of recovery and what it means for the rest of your life and the people you love.

What does the admissions process consist of?

The first step is to speak with an Admissions Coordinator. They will be your primary point of contact prior to admitting. The Admissions Coordinator gathers insurance information and has it verified for you and they will conduct your initial phone assessment so we can best serve your needs. After your admission is approved, we will arrange for your medical drug detox with our trusted partner facility, if necessary. We’ll also help coordinate travel with you, set a date or time for arrival and tell you what to pack/bring. We provide ground transportation to and from airports, train stations and bus stops, if needed.

How do I know if drug treatment will work?

There are no guarantees of course. Any program that tells you they can keep you 100% sober for life 100% of the time isn’t being honest. The truth is that willingness and honesty are the two biggest indicators of success combine with how much time a person spends in treatment. The best way to improve a persons odds of success at treatment is to follow any and all clinical recommendations. If a medical detox is suggested, follow the suggestion. If sober living in recommended for a certain period after treatment, follow that recommendation to the best of your ability.  It’s ok to be scared or unsure of yourself. Everyone is at first. The main thing that matters is that you are willing to change and willing to try to listen and learn. Part of recovery, especially in the beginning, is learning to trust. Believe that we have your best interests at heart and be willing to try a new way of life. That’s all it takes to make your start!




A Better Tomorrow is in Reach

The next chapter of your life is not written yet. Better Tomorrow is ready to help you build the future in recovery that you’ve dreamed of. Let us help you heal and become the best version of yourself. A better tomorrow begins with the actions you take today.