Community Living / Activities

The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center believes that it is important to have a great place to receive all of the many skills and expert treatment needed to be addiction free but also a nice environment to reside in during the different phases and programs. The benefits of sober living in a structured environment can not be overlooked as a symbiotic needed relationship combined with the treatment programs that you or your loved ones will be going through to get addiction free.

Community living is a powerful force in fighting the disease of addiction. We provide a structured, supervised healthy living environment in a safe location where you or your loved one can rest at ease while going through treatment. It is important to have this structured supervision that allows us to be able to react as quickly as possible if someone relapses or has any health issues.

While living in this environment it will help you or your loved one:

  • Live independently and still be sober
  • Participate in the rebuilding of life skills such as shopping for grocery’s, cooking, cleaning and other important developmental skills needed for the everyday.
  • Peer Therapy and support, a needed aspect of recovery
  • Have and build a safe living environment
  • Live a more comfortable life rather unlike facility living

The Better Tomorrow’s living environment is meant to be comfortable and quaint and independent with the surrounding s of structure and supervision while creating a want and need to be addiction free and move out on their own after all their treatment is complete. The most important part of the environment after providing the right space for treatment is providing the right space to encourage moving on with an addiction free life.

We are located in the Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach and up and coming Lake Park area bordering main drive North Lake BLVD just minutes away from the Gardens Mall, Downtown Jupiter, Downtown West Palm Beach and some of the nicest places anywhere in the US with a strong addiction support community which is an important element of where you want to choose to go for successful treatment.