Community / Sober Living

Better Tomorrow Treatment Center believes that it is important to have a safe and supportive sober living to begin recovery. The benefits of sober living in a structured environment can not be overstated. Many people cite their time in a sober living home as one of the most formative experiences in recovery. It not only provides safety and structure, it also helps clients learn how to integrate themselves into the larger recovery community, which is a critical part of developing the skills needed to remain sober over the long haul. It’s essential that we learn not only how to stay sober, but how to live, learn and grow with other people and to be a positive influence on others. The structured, communal living of a supportive, sober home provides the perfect opportunity for all of this and more.

Communal sober living is a powerful tool in developing nascent recovery. We provide a structured, supervised healthy living environment in a safe location where you or your loved one can thrived while progressing through treatment. We think that sober living homes provide a great balance between the therapeutic support of being in treatment and the real-life environment of living at home. They allow patients to experience what recovery looks like out in the real world, while still having the support, security and protection of being enrolled in a treatment program. Sober living homes have 24-hour staff and strict rules about conduct and behavior as well as curfews and mandatory drug screening that is both random and incident-based. Many people find them a useful component of their recovery process.

Residing in a supportive sober living environment can help you or your loved one:

  • Receive peer therapy and support and develop interpersonal skills.
  • Learn how to live independently and put recovery to work in the real world.
  • Feel safe and secure, but also gain a measured sense of independence in recovery.
  • Practice critical life skills like planning meals, budgeting, grocery shopping, doing laundry.
  • Live a bit more comfortably with more freedom than the institutionalized living at an inpatient program.

Better Tomorrow’s supportive sober living environment is meant to be comfortable and welcoming while providing the support and security that’s necessary for success in early recovery. Learning how to live a responsible, sober life and reintegrate with society is a key part of recovery that lasts. It’s not enough to just abstain from drugs and alcohol. We have to learn how to be functioning and productive members of society and part of a community.

Sober living accommodations for Better Tomorrow Treatment Center’s are located in Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach and Lake Park area bordering main drive Northlake Blvd. They are just minutes away from the Gardens Mall, Downtown Jupiter, Downtown West Palm Beach and Delray Beach. This part of the country is known as something of a “Recovery Mecca” so there is no shortage of support for recovery living here. There are 12-step fellowship meetings and alternatives to 12-steps everywhere. There are few places on earth with as many people in recovery as Southeast Florida has, so there are few better places to begin your recovery.