Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Rehab

Summer is synonymous with relaxation and joy—lazy days by the pool, backyard BBQs, picnics in the park, and beach vacations. It’s a season where life slows down, daily routines become less demanding, and smiles come more easily. The ethos of summer is all about letting loose and enjoying the moment.

However, for those struggling with substance abuse, letting loose can be perilous. Many cherished summer activities are deeply entwined with substance use, whether it’s beers at BBQs, weed around the campfire, or late-night parties that include various substances.

The Risks of Summer Substance Use

Research shows that about 30 percent of people who use LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana took their first hit during the summer months. Additionally, alcohol consumption spikes during summer, particularly among underage drinkers. These trends make summer both a risky period for substance use and an ideal time to seek help through a residential alcohol and drug detox program.

Reasons to Start a Residential Alcohol and Drug Detox Program in Summer

1. A chance to opt out of tempting surroundings

A significant part of recovery is avoiding environments where substance use is prevalent. Summer celebrations often come with intense peer pressure to indulge in substances. Entering a detox program during this season helps you stay away from these high-risk situations. Moreover, vacations can disrupt routines and lead to exhaustion, increasing the temptation to self-medicate. A summer alcohol and drug detox programs offered at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center,  provides a safe environment with structured activities, helping you develop healthier coping mechanisms.

2. You can utilize your time off

Many people prefer to use their vacation days in the summer. Seeking alcohol and drug detox during this period allows you to blend your absence into the seasonal break, making it less noticeable to coworkers and employers. Parents benefit from the summer break as well, which offers a respite from daily school-related responsibilities, enabling them to focus on their recovery without affecting their children’s education. Students can also use the summer to concentrate solely on recovery, ensuring they are better prepared to handle academic pressures come fall.

3. A Chance to Rebuild Family Relationships

Addiction affects the entire family, not just the individual struggling with substance abuse. Recovery involves mending and strengthening these strained relationships. The summer season, with its more relaxed schedule, provides an ideal opportunity for families to engage in therapy sessions, support groups, and educational classes together. These resources are vital for fostering understanding, communication, and healing within the family unit.

While children might initially be disappointed about missing a traditional vacation, the long-term benefits of having a healthier, more present, and engaged parent will far outweigh the short-term sacrifices. Investing time in an alcohol and drug detox center during the summer can create a stronger, more supportive home environment, which is crucial for sustaining long-term recovery and overall family well-being.

4. Reduced Risk of Suicide and Overdose

Substance abuse significantly increases the risk of suicidal thoughts and actions. In 2020, approximately 92,000 people died from drug and alcohol overdoses, with a notable portion of these deaths being intentional. Contrary to popular belief, suicide rates peak in spring and summer. The longer daylight hours and heightened social pressures can exacerbate depression and other mental health issues, often linked to substance abuse disorders.

By enrolling in an alcohol and drug detox program during the summer, you can greatly reduce the risk of these life-threatening outcomes. The supportive environment provided by licensed addiction counselors, therapists, and mental health experts offers the care and guidance necessary to navigate this vulnerable period safely. Surrounding yourself with professional support rather than fellow substance users can make a crucial difference, potentially saving your life.

5. Set Yourself up for Winter Success

The winter holidays can be a minefield of stress and temptation for those in recovery. From holiday to New Years parties, substances are often at your fingertips. Starting a detox program in the summer gives you ample time to develop strategies for dealing with holiday triggers. Whether it’s addressing unresolved family issues in therapy or planning sober alternatives to traditional celebrations, a summer detox program equips you with the tools to handle holiday challenges without resorting to substance use.

While any time is a good time to address a substance use disorder, summer offers unique advantages: less stress, more family involvement, and the opportunity to establish healthier habits in a supportive environment. By enrolling in a residential alcohol and drug detox program during the summer, you can transform this season into a time of renewal and healing, setting the stage for a healthier, happier future.

Find Support at Better Tomorrow

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance use disorder, it’s crucial to seek help from a qualified mental health professional who can come up with a treatment plan. An experienced therapist can provide support, guidance, and evidence-based treatment options. Better Tomorrow Treatment Center’s modern, evidence-based addiction care is designed to foster the personal growth needed to sustain a lifetime of recovery.

Find the insight and strength required for the rewarding sober lifestyle your or your loved one deserves. If you or a loved one wants to start their recovery journey, with drug treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida, please contact us at (888) 653-1149, or head over to our website and scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out our 100% confidential information form and a compassionate member of our team will reach out to you.

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