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How long is Rehab for Alcohol abuse?

After long-term substance abuse, rehab is the first step toward recovery. Anyone who has the courage to admit that they need help for alcohol use disorder deserves to know where the road to recovery will lead them. At Better Tomorrow, we believe that anyone seeking care and seeking to transform their life should get full …

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Does Trauma Cause Addiction?

What is Trauma, Exactly?  In mental health terms, trauma is an emotional response to an intensely upsetting or overwhelming event or series of events that can have long-lasting effects on an individual’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Things like serious car accidents, military combat, sexual assault or abuse can all be sources of trauma. Those …

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Does Addiction Cause Depression?

Addiction and depression are two significant mental health issues that can deeply impact an individual’s life. Often, these conditions can be interconnected, making it crucial to understand their complex relationship and seek appropriate treatment. In this article, we will break down the connection between addiction and depression, explore how they can worsen each other, and …

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What Are Some Alternatives To 12-Step Programs?

Are you struggling with addiction and searching for an alternative recovery program that aligns with your personal beliefs? While 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, have helped many individuals achieve sobriety, they may not fit everyone. Some people don’t like the focus on powerlessness or religion that these programs use, and that’s …

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Opioid Addiction: From Rock Bottom to Healthy Recovery

When you’re caught up in the turmoil and chaos of opioid addiction, it can be really hard to imagine a life in recovery. Hope almost feels dangerous. How can you possibly live and be happy without this thing which has become so essential? Opioid addiction can feel like a prison of sorts. When you’re addicted …

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How to Stay Sober During The Holidays

The holidays can be difficult under the best circumstances, but for those who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction, they can be especially difficult. Because of unusual stressors that come around once a year, addicts and alcoholics can be especially tempted to relapse during this time.  Holidays Create Trigger Relapse For Addicts and Alcoholics The …

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What is Trauma Resolution Therapy?

Here at Better Tomorrow Recovery Center, we want to welcome anyone who needs mental health and addiction treatment. Our team is trained, experienced and ready to help people overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD, other trauma-related issues, addictions and various other mental health conditions. Today, we want to focus on trauma resolution therapy and how it can …

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