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It isn’t scary to need help in overcoming a substance abuse disorder. Even though many people feel that way, which leads them to ignore or deny they have an issue to begin with. This often makes their issue worse and if it hasn’t developed into a full addiction, soon enough it will. Prior to it developing into a full blown addiction you still need immediate and effective preventative care. The earlier you can get help the better off you will be in managing your substance abuse issues overall.

In the beginning of receiving help for your addiction you might ask yourself some questions. For example, how much is too much exactly when it comes to drugs and alcohol consumption? When are drugs and alcohol a problem? Is it when you drink every day or is it when you drink a large amount in one sitting when you do drink? For example, relating to alcohol. 

Being a ‘party animal’ isn’t the only sign of having a substance abuse problem. Addiction takes many shapes and forms. Not everyone is an outgoing socialite, some people who are more introverted still abuse. They prefer to keep to themselves including when it comes to their substance abuse and addictions.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate against different social classes of people. Prestigious doctors can suffer from drug and/or alcohol abuse as much as a regular person working a retail or factory job. Everyone when they abuse substances have a reason to self-medicate and it affects all people young, old, professionals, parents, and even children too. Self-medication can help them deal with mental health issues or even pain symptoms.

Avoiding rehab because you feel your substance use doesn’t look what you think addiction looks like is a disservice to yourself. A lot of misconceptions come from public stigma and in result creates a stereotypical addict. In true reality, very few people fit this cookie-cutter expected image of what a person who is suffering from addiction looks like. 

Addiction and substance abuse problems are connected to how you feel and act with drugs. When you find yourself changing how you feel, think, and act because of the substance you are using it is time to get help. Especially if you are experiencing negative consequences and you still continue to use it.

Statistics Prove it’s Best to Seek Treatment

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Believe it or not, the addiction crisis is a bigger issue than it has ever been before. Statistically speaking here are some things to consider as to more reasons as to why to seek drug and alcohol rehab treatment sooner rather than later:

  • 40 million Americans struggle with addiction.
  • Overdoses kill the majority of us than guns, breast cancer, and car crashes combined.
  • Only 1 in 10 who are in need of addiction treatment ever recieve it, however 80% of us don’t want a friend, colleague, or neighbor with an addiction. 
  • Each year addiction has cost Americans 740 billion dollars, and the costs keep rising. Unfortunately it is not effective in protecting you or your loved one who is suffering from addiction.
  • During the Covid-19 Pandemic, which began in December 2019, overdose related emergency calls increased as much as 42% and even 42 states reported increased overdose deaths.
  • In 2021, according to the CDC, 107,000 fatal overdoses occurred and it was the number one accidental death in the country. That is the highest recorded amount of overdose deaths in a single year!
  • In 2020-2021 Overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids, cocaine, and psychostimulants increased 
  • Approximately 137,000 individuals are in state prisons or jails due to being caught with possession of small amounts of illegal drugs, in The United States. More than half of those who end up in state prisons and two-thirds awaiting jail sentences meet the criteria of addiction or problematic substance abuse.
  • When treating Substance Use Disorders (SUD) or any substance abuse disorders including alcohol, prescription drugs, and/or street drugs, early intervention is key to reducing continual life-long addiction. It Improves overall health and well-being. It addresses the mild disorder in order to prevent a more severe disorder later on in life. However, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only 11 percent agree to receive drug and alcohol rehab treatment. The majority don’t seek treatment because although they realize they need it they are not ready to stop their addiction and some don’t feel they need it, which is the vast majority.

Start a Better Tomorrow, Today!

Better Tomorrow Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center is located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Center Administration explains, “Clients go into drug and alcohol rehab treatment at a level according to their needs. Then, they go to more intense treatment or down to a less intensive treatment program. ” Which is what we can offer here a Better Tomorrow. Fitting your unique individual needs in a custom-tailored treatment plan.

We have various detox, drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs, and therapies to help overcome your addiction. Better Tomorrow also has experience in the successful treatment of Dual Diagnosis Treatment.  

Here at our Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center, we strongly believe your drug an alcohol rehab experience should be tailored to your unique recovery needs, in order to achieve long-term success.

We are licensed and accredited and are covered by most insurance companies.

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