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Alcohol and Depression 

Alcoholism and depression are 2 health conditions that do occur together often. In addition, one of these conditions can worsen the other. If someone is stuck in a depressive episode and consumes alcohol, the cycle becomes more vicious and vice versa. The good news is that there are treatments for both alcohol and depression. It is best to have these issues treated together, so the cycle can get under control and the person with these issues can start feeling better. 

If you or someone you know has either alcoholism or depressive disorders, our Better Tomorrow team is here to help you. 

How Alcohol and Depression Are Connected 

Depression is one of the many types of mood disorders. It can lead to feelings of loss, sadness, emptiness and anger. Those who have depressive episodes usually lose their interest in hobbies and/or activities that used to make them happy. They often struggle to get daily tasks done, as well. Unfortunately, over 300 million people around the world have depressive disorders. 

There are also people who have alcoholism that suffer from depression. If the alcohol use disorder isn’t treated, the depressive episodes are likely to worsen significantly. Sometimes, people start with depression and use alcohol to cope with their emotions.

There are studies that show people who experience trauma are more likely to have a depressive disorder and/or alcohol addiction, too. 

No matter how long you have struggled with depression and/or alcohol addiction, our Better Tomorrow team is here to help. 


Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse and Depression 

If you are concerned that someone you know is abusing alcohol or is experiencing depression, there are treatment programs that can help. If you aren’t sure whether they have an alcohol use disorder or a depressive disorder, there are some symptoms that you may notice.

Some of the symptoms of depression include:

  • Sadness
  • Feeling worthless
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • No energy
  • Trouble completing daily tasks 
  • No or little interest in activities and/or hobbies
  • Feeling excessive guilt
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Substance abuse

Some of the symptoms of an alcohol use disorder that you might recognize include:

  • Drinking often (sometimes, even every day, multiple times a day)
  • Drinking a lot at one time 
  • Constant cravings for alcohol
  • Drinking in secret (so others don’t know how much you are drinking)
  • Continuing to consume alcohol despite the negative impacts it has on your life (personally, health, professionally, etc.)
  • Avoiding certain activities so that you can drink instead
  • Continuing to consume alcohol despite the way it affects your mental health

If you or someone you know are experiencing the symptoms that are noted above, of either a depressive disorder or alcohol addiction, please reach out to us here at Better Tomorrow to get the help you need. 

Causes of Alcohol Use Disorder and/or Depression

It isn’t clear in some circumstances what comes first – substance abuse or depression. Everyone is different, but one thing is for certain, each of these conditions does worsen the other.

For instance, someone who has frequent depressive episodes might turn to getting drunk to self-medicate. This can worsen the depression and the alcohol abuse could get worse, then, too.

There are certain elements that may add to one or both these health conditions, such as:

  • Personality – generally those who have negative outlooks on life are much more likely to develop depressive disorders and alcohol use disorders (people with low self-esteem often have a higher risk of developing these conditions, too)
  • Genetics – those who have a family history of alcoholism or depression have a higher risk of getting these conditions, too (studies show genetic predisposition is one of the biggest factors of why people develop these conditions)
  • Personal history – those who have experienced trauma, relationship issues, abuse or other tough situations in life have a higher risk of developing depression and/or alcohol use disorders

Do you have any of these factors? Are you already experiencing alcoholism or depression in any form? If so, reach out to our Better Tomorrow team today to get the treatment that you need.

Diagnosis for Alcoholism and Depressive Disorders

If you suspect that yourself or someone you know has alcoholism or a depressive disorder, there are numerous places you can get treatment. There are also tests and assessments which can be done to diagnosis these conditions. Here at Better Tomorrow, we can walk you through and do the assessment process. 

If you do receive a diagnosis of depression or an alcohol use disorder, we will recommend a treatment plan that will best help you to overcome these conditions. 

Treatment for Alcoholism and Depressive Disorders

Treating one condition might help improve your symptoms. However, if you have a co-occurring disorder, treating both conditions together would be the best course of action. Some of the many treatment options for both alcoholism and depression include:

  • Medication (there are numerous medications that can treat depression and help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms)
  • Rehabilitation (many professionals recommend that people with a co-occurring disorder enter either outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation programs)
  • Therapy (there are various therapy types including cognitive behavioral therapy that can help to modify your behaviors and thoughts
  • Support groups (Alcoholic Anonymous and depression support groups are the two best options for healing from these conditions)

If you need treatment or other types of help for alcoholism and/or a depressive disorder, please reach out to our Better Tomorrow team today. We will be happy to help you start the recovery process right away. 

When Should You Get Help

How do you know if you should get help for alcohol abuse and/or depression issues? Some of the times when a person should get immediate professional assistance for these conditions are when they:

  • Have suicidal thoughts
  • Can’t perform simple daily tasks due to drinking too much or not having enough energy
  • Constantly drinking or having cravings for alcohol
  • Continuing to drink alcohol despite losing your job, ending a relationship, wasting a lot of money, or experiencing other negative effects due to depression or addiction

You are not alone in this journey. We know that you are struggling, but here at Better Tomorrow, our team is ready to help you get your life back together. We can start with a conversation and assessment and go from there into a treatment program. 

Get Help to Overcome Alcohol and Depression Issues Today

If you have both an alcohol use disorder and a depressive disorder, it is important to know that without treatment, the symptoms of both these conditions are likely to get worse. Whether you are self-medicating your depression with alcohol or your alcoholism is causing you to become depressed, there are treatment options available to you. Though the treatment and recovery process takes time, there is hope for you and your future.

Contact us today, here at Better Tomorrow, to get help in overcoming alcohol and depression issues starting right away. 

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