You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Going to Rehab and Here Are 6 Reasons Why

You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Going to Rehab and Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Do you have a fear of going to rehab? Maybe, you are worried about the withdrawal symptoms or scared of what is going to happen to your relationships when you are going to rehab? There are many people who feel this way. You aren’t alone. There is a lot of change, growth and uncertainty that takes place in rehab program. With this being said, we know that deciding to go into a rehab center facility isn’t easy. However, our Better Tomorrow team will be here to support you every step of the way.

What Will Other People Think

One of the common fears that people have regarding going to rehab is what will other people think. You might be worried about telling the friends that you are used to partying with that you have an addiction and need to go into treatment. Will they be happy that you are making this positive change in your life? Will they never speak to you again?

The most important thing to remember with this is that people who have your best interests at heart are going to support your addiction recovery process. They are going to care about your overall well-being. If they don’t, it might be best to keep them at a distance, at least until they come around to you being in recovery. 

I’m Afraid of the Withdrawal Process

As noted above, there are many people who are afraid of the withdrawal process. They have heard horror stories or seen movies featuring drug or alcohol addiction withdrawal. The truth of the matter is it isn’t easy to give up drugs and alcohol, especially if your body has been relying on them for some time.

However, if you come to Better Tomorrow, our team can help support you through the detox process. We have trained professionals who are experienced in making people more comfortable as they go through this process. If you want to know more about how our team can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

I’m Worried About Relapsing 

Many people who are thinking about getting clean and sober think they won’t be able to stay in recovery. They are worried about relapsing.

If this is the case for you, it is important to remember that even if you do have a relapse or a slip, that doesn’t mean you failed at recovery and you can’t try again. In fact, you can use it as a lesson learned and find a way to avoid the same trigger in the future or change the way you are doing something. For example, if you went out partying with an old friend of yours from college because they were in town for the weekend, next time make plans to just go out to dinner and a movie not to the bar. 

I’m Worried About Bringing Up Things from My Past

When you are in recovery from an addiction, you will need to work on your recovery which includes bringing up things from your past. You will need to make amends to yourself and others – where you apologize for your wrongdoings. You will need to face your shortcomings which can be scary or even frightening.

There are so many people in recovery who feel ashamed, guilty or even embarrassed about what they have done in the past. However, the only way you are going to move past the past, so to speak, is to work through each one of these issues.

When you have a combination of friends, support groups, family members and the professional Better Tomorrow team at your side, you will see that you can confront your past. You can talk about it with these people, too, which can take a weight off your shoulders before you make the amends. 

I’m Scared of Dealing with my Emotions without Substance Use

One of the many reasons why people use drugs and alcohol in the first place is to numb their physical or emotional pain. The problem is that these substances often work for this purpose which is why many people keep using drugs or alcohol for a long period of time. However, there is more damage being done throughout the addiction than any good. 

You can confront your irritability, anxiety, stress, depression and other emotions while clean and sober. It may seem scary, but you can learn better emotional or physical health management tips and skills while you attend a rehab facility program. 

Did you know that learning these skills can help you to better cope with emotions in the future? You don’t have to confront all your feelings at once. Just take things one day at a time and work on the 12 steps of your recovery plan. If feelings come up, journal about them or pick up the phone to call your sponsor or someone else from your support network. These people are there to help you make it through difficult aspects of your recovery. 

I’m Never Going to be Happy While Clean and Sober

Do you feel that you are never going to be happy while clean and sober? This is a common feeling amongst people who abuse drugs and alcohol. Part of the reason for this feeling is that the addiction has held ahold of you for so long that it can be tough to let it go. It is similar to letting go of a loved one (that grief holds on for a long time, too). 

However, when you first start your recovery, you will go through the detox process. This is where your body gets clean from alcohol and drugs. Once you make it through this process, especially with the help from our Better Tomorrow team, you will find that you can be happy and have a good time while clean and sober. You may have some depression or anxiety flare-ups, but everyone does at some point in their life. The good news is that you will learn in your treatment program how to handle and break free from these feelings.

If you want to know more about how to work past this fear, reach out to our team today. We have dealt with this fear and all the ones above and can help you to work through it. 

Don’t Let Your Fears Keep You from Going to Rehab 

Do you have one or more of the fears that were noted above? If so, no matter what fear you have, our Better Tomorrow team is here to help you. From the moment you ask for help, through your detox process and into the rest of your recovery, we have your back. You are not alone. It may seem scary, just as any big change in life may be, but recovery is possible.

There are millions of people who have recovered from their addiction and you can to. With the assistance from our team and the multiple treatment services we offer, you can get past these fears and enjoy your life in recovery.

Contact us today, here at Better Tomorrow, to finally let go of these fears and start going to rehab.

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